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The Bart Garrison Agricultural Museum of South Carolina is committed to the interpretation and preservation of South Carolina’s agricultural heritage, and the impact and importance of agriculture to current and future culture and economies.

Exhibits at the museum focus not only on the history of agriculture, but how that legacy affects modern and future agricultural practices and healthy living. The museum hosts workshops, classes and demonstrations on agriculture-related skills, including:
• Crafts – chair caning, basket making, etc.
• Life skills – home preservation, soap making, etc.
• Sustainable practices – organic vegetable and meat production, etc.
• Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) of agriculture.

As part of Phase 2 construction (currently underway), the museum will also utilize outdoor space for the implementation of teaching gardens, historic interpretations of various eras of agriculture, and modern agricultural techniques. Above all, the museum will strive to be a relevant force in agribusiness, agritourism, agricultural education, and a site that interprets both the history of agriculture and cutting edge practices.

Our Permanent Exhibits Are:

The Barn: The center of the farm, where humans, animals and crops alike interact. The Barn is the center of the museum as well, and features artifacts from turn of the century SC farms, a blacksmith’s area, and of course, our resident milking cow Clarabelle.

The Field: An exhibit for those interested in the development of technology over the years, the Field showcases historic machinery that revolutionized agriculture in South Carolina, and the world.

The House: Take a peek inside the room of a typical South Carolina farmhouse, c. 1920. An early telephone, handmade pie safe and grain bin, and a family bathtub the size of a chair all adorn this exhibit, which gives a glimpse into early 20th century farm life.

The Gin: Cotton was king in the antebellum South, and many of the technological developments that would make it so, were developed right here in South Carolina. Learn of the impact cotton had on the state, and the resounding effects still echoing in today’s society.

The Future of Agriculture: Food is one of the most basic human necessities, and as the average age of a South Carolina farmer nears 60 years old, it has never been a more pressing issue. The future of our food relies on our best and brightest, and this exhibit serves to promote all the concepts and organizations that will inevitably shape the future of our food.

STEM Lab: Currently under construction, the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics lab will be a feature offering for school and large groups interested in STEM based activities, with an emphasis on agricultural processes and technology; from photosynthesis to cutting edge concepts like aeroponics.

                    Hours of Operation                                                                             Cost

  • Tuesday-   12pm – 5:00pm                                                                 Recommended Donation: $5        
  • Wednesday-       12pm – 5:00pm
  • Thursday-       12pm – 5:00pm
  • Friday-       12pm – 5:00pm                 
  • Saturday-   10am – 3:00pm 

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For Teachers

The Agricultural Museum of South Carolina strives to provide teachers with a list of helpful resources, for before, during, and after your visit with us. In addition, we seek to meet as many current SC standards as possible, in History, Science, Technology, and Mathematics. A trip to the Agricultural Museum of South Carolina can be a fun, interactive way to fulfill a number of standards for teachers across the state

For Students

As part of its mission, the Agricultural Museum of South Carolina provides a number of resources for students, whether a 3rd grade science report, or a 12th grade FFA project, we can help you find what you need. Click to see a list of resources from the Agricultural Museum of SC and its partner organizations, SC agribusiness, and agritourism sites

For Parents

What does your child need when visiting the Agricultural Museum of South Carolina? We are committed to providing a hands-on experience for children and adults alike, which more often than not means...dirt! Click for a list of what you and your child may need in order to have the optimal experience