Kid’s Day at the Agricultural Museum – Parent Preparation


Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.


Understanding what to prepare your child for on their field trip is a key part of a successful and stress-free visit. Please don’t hesitate to contact our staff with any questions prior to the event.

Create a checklist at home to ensure you and your child are prepared a day ahead of the event. Be sure both you and your child know what time and how he or she will be returning home. This vital information should also be on the permission form and Museum staff should be made aware of any changes.

Bart Garrison Agricultural Museum of South Carolina offers a small selection of items for sale. If you wish to send spending money with your child, we are not responsible for any misplaced amount.



We strongly suggest parents suitably prepare their child for the day of the event. Check expected weather conditions and dress them appropriately.  Layering is a good choice for all types of weather. Kids can take off or add clothing as needed.  Also be aware of the activities they will be taking part in. We discourage flip-flops or other open-toed shoes for any Museum activity.

If you are preparing your child for an event that requires them to bring your own lunch, food that needs to be kept cold is best insulated in soft-side type lunch containers.  The Agricultural Museum of South Carolina does not provide a refrigerator to store lunches, so use of ice packs are suggested.

If the event includes outdoor activities, a brimmed hat is recommended along with a layer of children’s sunscreen. Sunscreen may be packed to reapply later if necessary.

Health and Medication

In case of emergency, standard procedures direct Pendleton EMS ambulances to:

AnMed Health Medical Center

Address: 800 N Fant St, Anderson, SC 29621

Phone: (864) 512-1000


If your child regularly takes medication during the school day, suggests researching whether it can be safely administered during the trip.  If a medication requires special care, such as difficult administration, constant refrigeration, or doesn’t travel well, it is a good idea to consult your pediatrician for other options and suggestions; parents are always welcome to travel to the Museum to administer medication at it’s proper time.

Any medications or allergies MUST be brought to the attention of staff!   

Children who may need first response treatments such as epinephrine or asthma inhalers should be prepared with the knowledge of early symptoms and how to self treat in the event of an emergency.


Rules and Expectations

It is never amiss to go over behavior expectations during their trip to the Museum. There are exhibits that we encourage children to interact with and many that can be easily damaged. Running in the Museum is never acceptable.  Using quiet, indoor voices is important to make sure staff are able to help all children.  Address safety rules with your child such as staying with their assigned group and asking to leave to use the restroom.



All signed forms should be turned into Museum Staff prior to the start of the event. Up-to-date contact numbers, addresses, and names should be provided. Our facility requires the following forms to be filled out for everyone in attendance:

Event Registration & Liability

Photo Release